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The CCSA wants to ensure its members are always up-to-date on what is happening in the continuing care and senior supportive living industries.

Home No charges laid after fatal nursing home beating, police say

November 21, 2017
CBC Hamilton - Adam Carter

No charges are being laid in the case of an elderly Alzheimer's patient who died after a brutal beating at a Dundas nursing home early this year.

James Acker, 86, abruptly awoke in January to an attack by a second male patient in his 80s — who also has Alzheimer's — at St. Joseph's Villa in Dundas.

Acker, who had been living at the Governors Road long-term care facility for 10 months, suffered head trauma, black eyes, a fat lip and a swollen, bloody face. He died back in April. Acker's family says he endured two bleeds on his brain.


New: Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities: an occupational health and safety handbook

November 15, 2017

The Alberta Governemtn has produced a new resource for Supervisors in Alberta workplaces.  The Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities: and occupational health and safety handbook is designed to help supervisors understand what Alberta’s legislation expects from them.

Access the guide here: http://work.alberta.ca/documents/ohs-best-practices-BP020.pdf

2016 Workplace Injury, Disease and Fatality Statistics Provincial Summary – Available NOW

November 15, 2017
Alberta Government

Health and safety statistics are vital to identifying hazards associated with work. They provide specific information about past events. However, a single statistical measure doesn’t identify a particular employer as good, bad, high-risk, or low-risk. Since hazards associated with work vary by industry, OHS recognizes the need to address industry-specific risks with focused strategies. The 2016 summary report can be found at http://work.alberta.ca/documents/2016-ohs-data.pdf.

WHMIS high pressure sales tactics

November 15, 2017
Alberta Government

The Alberta Government continues to receive reports and complaints about aggressive, high pressure sales tactics by commercial providers of workplace safety training for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). There is no requirement for an employer to use a commercial training provider or materials created by a commercial company to conduct WHMIS training. 

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