Q. What programs/courses does CCSA offer and what are the course fees?

A. All courses can be modified for your organization’s specific needs. This will incur an additional fee. Please see our Course Listings page for courses and related fees.

*New courses and programs are being developed at CCSA to better serve your needs.  Check back often.

Q. What is the Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention (MIP) Program?

A. Please go to the Courses Listing for more information on this.

Q. What is the Injury Reduction Program (IRP)?

A.  Please refer to the IRP page on the website.

Q. What are the costs of participating in the IRP?

A. The IRP is a fully funded program that provides support to operators who have demonstrated an interest in and are committed to implementing a program to reduce injuries.

Q. What is a Partner in Injury Reduction?

A. Please refer to the PIR page on the website

Q. How do I become a Partner in Injury Reduction (PIR)?

A. Please refer to the PIR page on the website

Q. What is a Certificate of Recognition?

A. Please refer to the COR page on the website

Q. How do I become an External Auditor?

A. External Auditor candidates wanting to become external Partnerships auditors for the CCSA must apply through the following process:

    • Submit a resume outlining experience in health & safety and types of industries
      • Provide a clearance/criminal record check from the RCMP or local authorities (the clearance must be current, within 6 months of issuance by the RCMP or local authorities).  Renewal must be submitted every 4 years
      • Include a letter outlining why they want to be a CCSA auditor
      • Provide three or four references that are not relatives
      • Provide a sample audit for review

        *Preference given to those with experience in the health care industry.

        The CCSA Executive Director will review all applications for External Auditor.  Approval is given to those applicants with appropriate qualifications and successfully completing the interview process.  Applicants with a work experience in a variety of industries are a benefit to the program however references will be consulted for verification.

        Q. Once I am approved as an External Auditor, how do I get certified?

        A. To become certified as an External Auditor you must:

        • Attend the CCSA Health & Safety Management Systems course.  (Equivalency may be accepted)
        • Attend the two days CCSA Auditor Training Course.  Please go to our Course Listings page to learn more about this.
        • Complete course activities and achieve a passing grade on the exam of 80%.
        • Complete a qualifying internal audit no more than six months after having taken the course, using one of the CCSA PIR members at no charge.
        • Submit the audit for review to the CCSA, which includes all auditor notes and interview notes, which will be returned after the review.
        • Achieve an 80% score on the audit review.
        Q. What should I do if I or a staff member is injured at work?

        A. You must immediately report any injury to your employer if you have been injured at work, and report to WCB-Alberta if the treatment required is anything beyond first aid or if you missed time from work. If you are not sure, report it. How to report to WCB:

          • Report online with WCB
            • Complete the Workers’ Report of Injury or Occupational Disease form and fax to WCB
              • Injuries that occur over time require more information. If you have a progressive injury, complete this WCB form along with your report of injury or occupational disease form. Progressive Injury Questionnaire form - C504
              • Work-related motor-vehicle accidents require completion of this WCB form along with your report of injury or occupational disease. Automobile Accident Report form
              • Use this WCB form if you were injured outside of Alberta but normally live or work in Alberta and would like to claim compensation in Alberta. Right of election form - C169