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Safety Leadership Workshop II: Safety Leadership Basics

Workshop Length: 1/2 Day

Prerequisite(s): None

Cost: $ 75 for members 

**Please note that pre-registration and receipt of payment are required prior to participation in any CCSA course.

Workshop Description

Leaders aiming to improve lagging safety performance must first aim to positively impact the safety culture within their workplaces. Leaders can make a significant cultural impact simply by improving safety relationships between themselves and their employees.  In this workshop participants will focus on the basic interpersonal safety skills necessary for day-to-day safety management and employee engagement.  Participating leaders will explore the theory and practical elements of motivating employees for safety; positively reinforcing safe work behaviours; providing respectful, corrective feedback; managing conflict with authentic communication; and time management for the inclusion of safety activities.

When striving for improved safety performance, leaders must initially focus on individual communication abilities and motivational technique.  By way of group discussions and practical group exercises, participants will leave this workshop prepared to facilitate a variety of safety-related discussions among their teams and one-on-one with direct reports.  


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