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Welcome to the CCSA Member Dashboard! To view a chart, please choose it from the blue menu above.

You can hover over data points to view more detail: On any chart, you can hover the mouse over certain areas of the chart and individual values for data points will be displayed. This is especially useful when large amounts of data are displayed and certain data points are hidden by default in order not to clutter the page.

You can toggle certain data on and off: Below each Run Chart (line chart) a legend details what data is being shown, and the color of the line that displays the data. By clicking items in the legend, you can toggle the display of the data to on/off. This is especially useful when viewing several pieces of data on a single chart.

You can zoom in on the data: When viewing any Run Chart (line chart), you will notice that the mouse pointer becomes a magnifying glass. Simply click and drag over the area you wish to magnify and release the mouse button to zoom in on the desired data.

You can return any chart to its default view: If you have zoomed in on a chart and wish to go back to the default “all data” view, simply click the Reset Chart button found on the top of each graph. If you have zoomed in several levels and wish to go back a level, but not all the way back out to the default “all data” view, simply press Zoom Out.

Some charts have a selectable date range which you can use to view data over a specific period of time.