2018 Shows slight increase in premiums

December 6, 2017

In 2018, rates for continuing care will increase marginally from 1.59% to 1.60%.  The rate increases are the same for both underlying sub-industries of seniors’ supportive living and for long-term care.

Since 2010, average industry rates have decreased from a level of 1.91% to 1.60% in 2018.  But over the last few years rates have increased from 1.46% in 2014.

Overall, 80% of industries have had a flat rate with no change or a reduction between 2017 and 2018.  One in five industries have shown an increase in rates of more than 5%.

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If you are part of the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) Program, you can reduce your premiums by up to 20%.

If you have any questions on the PIR or the programs offered by the Continuing Care Safety Association, please visit the CCSA website.