Creating Value: How OHS Is Being Integrated into Financial Reporting and Why You Should Care

January 11, 2015
EHS Today - Sandy Smith

More and more businesses are integrating health and safety data into reports about financial performance, even in countries like the United States, where the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t mandate including it.

Terms like “sustainability” and “corporate social responsibility” are not new. They’ve been around for 20 years or more. What is new is the financial investment community’s recognition of the value of collecting and reporting material non-financial information as part of the measurement of organizational value.

More and more, corporations are recognizing that material non-financial information is important to investors and analysts. While they may have declined to participate in sustainability reporting a few years ago, corporations are discovering that the long-term viability of their operations is being judged not only on profitability, but on non-financial factors as well. This means that a growing number of organizations are including occupational safety and health data in “integrated” reports that include financial and non-financial information.

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