Safety Culture or Culture of Safety, what is the difference?

December 8, 2014
Blog - Nuala Gage, Senior Consultant, Sub-Saharan Africa, Intertek Consulting and Training 

Does your organisation recognise the importance of culture and do you have a safety culture or a culture of safety? Are they not one in the same? Every organisation has a safety culture, it doesn't mean it is a good one. The safety culture may be one where it is acceptable to err on the wrong side of safety, where short cuts are encouraged, production is put before safety, and where safety becomes lip service and not lived.

So what is a culture of safety and how do our behaviours influence it?

In the words of Michael Henderson "Your {organisations} culture is a vehicle through which you deliver your brand promise. Brand is the promise, culture is the delivery." In high risk and high hazard industries we promise our teams and our customers that they can and will work in a safe environment, this is the 'safety brand' we promise. Is it then fair to say that having a true culture of safety is the delivery?

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