December – Holiday Fire Safety

December is Holiday Fire Safety Month.  The CCSA has put together some fire safety awareness resources to help you stay safe during this busy and joyful month (as well as every other month)! Being aware of some of the highest hazards around the holidays and how to control them and prevent injuries, or worse, is important to all of us and isn’t that hard to do!

CCSA Holiday Fire Safety Resources

CCSA will be highlighting a different fire safety message each week in December

  • Week 1 : Smoke Alarm Safety

    This holiday season check all smoke alarms, To make sure your loved ones come to no harm!

  • Week 2: Holiday Decorating Safety

    The holiday season brings sparkle and light, Just make sure you don’t end up with a fire to fight!

  • Week 3: Fire Escape Planning

    This holiday season know your fire escape plan. Fire can come quickly you must understand!

  • Week 4: General Holiday Fire Safety

    Happy holidays to all of you and your folks, May any fires that you have be ones that YOU stoke!

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