Institute for Work and Health Organizational Performance Metric

The Institute for Work & Health Organizational Performance Metric (IWH-OPM) is an evidence-based, eight-item questionnaire used to help organizations assess and improve their health and safety performance. IWH-OPM scores indicate where improvements might be made to health and safety policies and practices in order to prevent injuries or illnesses from occurring.

Senior managers, occupational health and safety professionals and joint health and safety committees can use the IWH-OPM as a leading indicator tool to measure their workplace’s health and safety performance and identify areas that need improvement before injuries and illnesses occur. The IWH-OPM is designed to be completed by the person in the workplace most knowledgeable about the organization’s health and safety policies and practices.

The IWH-OPM can also be used to broadly define an organization’s OHS performance and where it should be focusing its efforts to improve outcomes: on compliance, improvement or continuous learning. The Alberta Government’s user’s guide on Leading Indicators for Workplace Health and Safety explains how to use the IWH-OPM for this purpose.

Questionnaire: iwh-opm_questionnaire_2016-v2

Follow up questions: iwh-opm_follow-up_questions_2016

Sector benchmarks: iwh_opm_benchmarking_sample

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