Self Directed Program

Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations

Before registering for either delivery mode of the Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program, the CCSA strongly encourages someone from your leadership team to download and work through the Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations. This document is an essential element of the program and will provide you with resources and factors to consider before commencing with implementation of the program. 

Program Details

The Self Directed Program option for the Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program relies more on your organization’s resources than the CCSA Full Support Program.  The facility or organization will independently complete the Self-Assessment Tool, determine how to proceed with the action reports generated, determine training requirements, complete independent investigations, etc.  

This program option allows for participants to register with the CCSA for training in one (or more) of the workshops/in-services as scheduled by the CCSA – the process would be the same as registering for any other CCSA workshop.   It is recommended that managers and supervisors take the training before frontline staff so that they are equipped to deal with any events that may occur.


To inquire about or register for the Self-Directed Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program, please fill out the form below.

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