Workplace Violence & Aggression Prevention

Why a Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program?

In recent years, the health care sector has witnessed an increase in the occurrence of violence and aggressive acts towards staff. A steadily growing and somewhat alarming number of articles citing violence, aggression or 

Violence and Aggression is NOT part of the job

harassment towards health care workers continue to depict growing concern of this problem.

According to a report published by Statistics Canada, 34% of nurses working in hospitals or long-term care facilities reported physical assault from a resident over a one-year period and 47% reported emotional abuse during t

hat same timeframe. The report also noted that the clinical area of practice made a difference in the reported incidents, with those working in long-term care and geriatrics reporting the highest at 50%.

Though statistical information is often contingent on many variables, evidence suggests that the risk to health care workers experiencing violent, aggressive or harassing behaviour is nine times greater than any other industry. In the continuing care sector, anecdotal evidence also suggests as the population ages and the continuing care sector continues to grow so will the number of incidents.

CCSA Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program

The CCSA Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program provides the information, framework, training and resources you’ll need to incorporate an effective workplace violence prevention program into your health and safety management system.

This comprehensive program focuses on awareness, prevention and incident response, whether of violent acts, harassment and bullying or mental health concerns. Participants will learn about legislative requirements, how to reduce risks, de-escalation techniques, how and what to report and much more.

Is Your Organization Ready for a Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program?

A Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations is available for all sites interested in this program. We have created the manual to assist you in considering key factors before you begin the planning and implementation of the workplace violence and aggression program, which is essential to a successful implementation.  Reviewing the information in this manual may help you to decide which program delivery mode is appropriate for your facility or organization.

Click here to download the Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations.


The CCSA Organization Self-Assessment Tool is an electronic assessment device meant to help organizations determine where they are at in the development of their health and safety management system, specifically in regard to their Violence and Aggression Prevention Program.  This user-friendly tool generates an action plan and high level summary report upon completion.  Having an action plan is imperative for implementation of this program and the CCSA highly recommends the use of this tool to develop your individualized action plan.  This tool will be made available to all organizations/facilities interested in the program, regardless of the mode of delivery chosen. 

To gain access to this FREE tool, please have someone from your leadership team complete the form on the Register page.


The hands-on training component of the program consists of the following workshops/in-services:

  1. Understanding and Managing Workplace Violence and Aggression Workshop
  2. Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace In-service 
  3. Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace In-service

Delivery Modes

There are two different delivery modes available for this program to ensure that we can suit every organization or facility’s needs:

1. CCSA Full Support Program

The CCSA Full Support Program provides CCSA support and training in workplace violence and aggression prevention for your site for up to 12 months.  A CCSA Consultant will help to determine how your specific site should proceed with and will assist in implementing the comprehensive Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program.   CCSA Full Support was recommended by the majority of sites this program was piloted at. 

 2. Self Directed Program

The Self Directed Program option for the Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program relies more on your organization’s resources than the CCSA Full Support Program.  The facility or organization will independently complete the Self-Assessment Tool, determine how to proceed with the action reports generated, determine training requirements, complete independent investigations, etc.  


Click below to find out which delivery mode is best for your organization or facility.


Click here to find out which delivery mode is best for your organization