About Us

Who We Are

CCSA is a trusted leader for health, safety and wellness in Alberta’s continuing care sector.

We make sure continuing care organizations and professionals in Alberta have everything they need to do their jobs safely and to create positive work environments.

We are the safety association and Certifying Partner for the sector, meaning we work with our members to achieve excellence in care, safety, and well-being, making a lasting impact on the continuing care industry.

Our goal is make sure the sector thrives as a vital component of communities supporting loved ones across Alberta by reducing workplace injury and supporting mental health and wellness.

Our Mission

We empower employers to create safer, healthier workplaces by fostering a culture of safety through evidence-based education, leadership, and collaboration, and by advocating on behalf of the industry for positive change.

Our Vision

Incident free workplaces

Proud Member Of

We are proud to get involved with associations that are close to our values!

Introducing Our Partners

The CCSA works in partnership with WCB Alberta and the Government of Alberta to manage the Certificate of Recognition (COR) and Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) programs for the continuing care and seniors supportive living industries in Alberta. Our safety programs are funded through low training course fees and an industry levy administered by the WCB.

Our Values

Value safe work, and safe work behaviours

Value the right of each worker to have a safe, healthy and incident-free work environment

Value members' input, feedback and direction

Meet the CCSA Team

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Meet Our Board Members

A board of directors representing employers and workers within the continuing care industry oversees the governance of CCSA. The Board ensures that programs and services offered by the Association meet the needs of the Alberta continuing care sector in the most cost-effective manner possible.

What We Offer

The CCSA enables employers to:

  • save on WCB premiums
  • reduce injury costs
  • increase efficiency
  • improve the overall long-term well being of employees

The CCSA offers health care consulting and forms professional relationships with continuing care organizations. Supporting the creation of strong programs that promote health, safety, and wellness for employees is our ultimate goal.


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