Member Assistance Program

CCSA’s Member Assistant Program (MAP) is designed to Enhance Workplace Safety

The CCSA is dedicated to supporting organizations in providing a roadmap to safety excellence. Whether you have already started the journey or not sure where to start, we are here to help.
MAP is an effective way to support members with their health and safety programs by helping to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. The goal is to reveal any gaps that may hinder your compliance with existing and new OHS legislation and is designed to ensure ongoing improvement in your workplace health and safety system.


CCSA Can Help Member Organizations Improve Health, Safety & Wellness in Their Organizations

Member organizations can take steps now towards achieving this goal!

Not sure if you are a member? If you fall under the 82800 or 82808 WCB industry codes, good news…. you are a member. (you don’t have to be a member to talk to us though, we like everyone)

By taking these steps, member organizations can create a safer and healthier environment for their members to thrive in. It is essential to prioritize health, safety, and wellness to ensure the well-being of everyone in the facility.

Firstly, you are in the right spot. The CCSA website has many courses, and resources to help build that roadmap. Not sure where to start…. Our trained consultants can help with that. Virtual or in-person, we love Teams and Zoom.

Secondly, we can help you implement a health and safety program. Conduct regular safety audits to identify potential hazards and address them promptly. This can include inspecting the facility regularly and completing incident investigations.

Thirdly, reap the benefits of having a health and safety program. This can come from WCB rebates, lower cost claims, and fewer sick days, just to name a few. See below on more benefits of having a health and safety program.

review program

What Can You Do Now?

Take an online Health and Safety Program Review Self-Assessment

This online assessment will provide the user with an assessment of some of the key components of their health and safety systems. The online self-assessment and subsequent action plan can be completed by the organization leadership (timeframe: approximately 15 minutes to complete the online self-assessment).

After completing the online self-assessment review form, please allow our team 2 business days to follow-up. 

CCSA Consultant Can Support Your Organization With:


MAP Frequently Asked Questions:

The Health and Safety Program Review is not an Audit; there is not a pass/fail or grade that needs to be achieved for the review. However, the findings will be provided to you in a final report. The report will identify:

  • Critical health and safety program areas that are not compliant with legislation
  • Opportunities to improve the health and safety program based on industry best-practice and/or government standards/COR elements
  • Health and safety program activities, policies or procedures where the organization/community is in compliance with legislation and/or meets industry best- practice.

>>> Health & Safety Program Self-Assessment Review

Program Review Will:

  • Evaluate system;
  • Identify gaps;
  • Develop an action plan;
  • Provide support and resources

Program Development Will:

  • Identify needs;
  • Provide framework and policies;
  • Templates and other resources;

Training Needs Will:

  • Identify training needs;
  • Introduce leadership training;
  • Provide mentorship and support. 

A baseline safety audit involves a comprehensive assessment of the workplace to identify potential hazards that may pose a risk to the safety and health of employees. It is a critical step in creating a safe workplace. The baseline audit will be conducted by a CCSA Team Member. During the audit, CCSA will inspect the workplace, review safety procedures and policies, and interview employees to gain a better understanding of the safety culture in the organization and assist the organization to identify gaps that may require correction prior to achieving their COR.

Once the Health & Safety Program Review is completed, the CCSA will work with the organization to develop an action plan.

The action plan will be tailored to the specific needs of the organization, taking into account its size, industry, and the nature of its operations. The CCSA will work closely with the organization to ensure that the action plan is practical, achievable, and effective. The plan will include timelines, responsibilities, and resources required to implement the recommendations. The CCSA will also provide ongoing support and guidance to the organization throughout the implementation process and will monitor progress to ensure that the safety program is meeting its objectives. By working together, the organization and the CCSA can create a strong and effective safety program that protects workers and promotes a culture of safety.

>>> Health and Safety Toolkit

A designated COR team member will provide coaching to the auditor candidate to ensure that the auditor candidate has the tools to successfully achieve their auditor certification. The goal of coaching is for the auditor candidate to become proficient and confident in their Occupational Health & Safety Management System auditing capabilities, thereby helping to drive the safety culture of the organization through visible in-house support. 

Contact CCSA to receive coaching and support:

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