Infection Prevention & Control

CCSA’s Infection Control program focuses on prevention, preparedness and planning regarding infection control practices for continuing care facilities across Alberta.

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Education and Training

Infection Prevention and Control Education Course

This course can form part of an employer’s exposure control plan and can be used for new hire onboarding, regular (e.g., annual) refreshers, and for whenever you want answers to infection control questions.

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Infection Prevention and Control is Everyone's Business

This course provides a basic understanding of the AHS Infection Prevention and Control Program structure and role, basic IPC principles, and how those principles relate to every health care provider and their practice.

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Infection Prevention and Control for Family Members and Visitors

 Using reputable sources of information, this online educational program is designed to provide an overview of COVID-19 including direction on doing your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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Education and Training infection prevention & control

Prevention and Control

The Hidden Risk infection prevention

The Hidden Risk: Virtual Escape Room (by Aberta Health Services)

A strange tree like virus has taken over the small town you live in. Your friend who works for a nearby research laboratory is infected and needs your help finding and distributing the cure. Use your infection prevention and control knowledge to get into the laboratory and save the day before it is too late! To play this virtual escape room you will need to follow a series of clues and puzzles to crack codes and make it out without getting infected!

Carefully read the dialogue and instructions throughout the game. The game is designed in PowerPoint, after clicking >>>Start the Game, you will be able to find the PowerPoint in your downloads folder to access. Use your skills and knowledge to begin your virtual experience.

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