CCSA Auditor Resources

These resources are available to assist auditors in completing their Certification/Re-certification/Maintenance/Qualification Audit

2023 Audit Tool Updates:


Due to the December 2021 changes to legislation, Partnerships has updated the current audit standards.


The CCSA has updated the Audit Tool to encompass these revisions and created a 2023 Audit Tool Updates PDF that auditors and employers can review to ensure that your Health & Safety Program is up-to-date.


The CCSA has also made an important change to the Interview Sampling Tab to make the process easier for auditors while still ensuring a representative sampling.


Auditor Resources

The auditor resources below are to assist the auditor with:

  • the pre-audit planning
  • conducting the audit

** Note the audit tool is not listed. To obtain the audit tool please register your audit dates on our website. The CSA COR Team will confirm your registration and attach the current audit tool.

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