Health and Safety Toolkit

Whether your organization is small or large all health and safety programs are built on standard principles. All the resources that you will find included are free and can be customized to meet your organizational needs.  

H&S Program Self-Assessment

Don’t have a COR or a method to assess your program. Use the following health and safety system evaluation tool
H&S Program Self-Assessment

Have an established program?

Are you a COR certified member or have an established program that evaluates your health and safety system? The resources in this section can assist you in continuous improvements
OHSMS Program Elements

OHSMS Program Elements

The Government of Alberta has established 10 Health and Safety Program Elements essential for all successful health and safety programs: 

Element6-Other parties at or in the vicinity of the Work Site

Other Work Site Parties

All workplaces experience other that come to their work site and it is important that all these additional individuals are protected.

Element9 Incident Investigations

Incident Investigations

Even though an incident free work site is the goal if an incident does occur a system to investigate such incidents is needed.

Health and Safety Program Self- Assessment Review

This online assessment will provide the user with an assessment of some of the key components of their health and safety systems. The online self-assessment and subsequent action plan can be completed by the organization leadership (timeframe:  approximately 15 minutes to complete the online self-assessment).

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