CCSA Full Support Program

Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations

Before registering for either delivery mode of the Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention Program, the CCSA strongly encourages someone from your leadership team to download and work through the Readiness and Implementation Manual for Organizations. This document is an essential element of the program and will provide you with resources and factors to consider before commencing with implementation of the program. 

Program Details

The CCSA Full Support Program provides CCSA support and training in workplace violence and aggression prevention for your site for up to 12 months.  A CCSA Consultant will help to determine how your specific site should proceed with and will assist in implementing the comprehensive Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program. 

**CCSA Full Support was recommended by the majority of sites this program was piloted at.

This Full Support Program consists of 5 stages


STAGE 1: Organizational Readiness and Implementation Manual – this document should be reviewed by leadership before participating fully in the Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program.  It will aid your team in determining what should be in place before implementing the program.


STAGE 2: Self-Assessment Tool – a CCSA Consultant will be available to provide support during the completion of the self-assessment and in proceeding with the resulting action plan items.  Prior to moving forward, the CCSA will also help ensure your organization has baseline measures in place


STAGE 3: Supervisor and Management Training – a CCSA Consultant will provide training in all of the workshops/in-services to supervisory staff.  It is important that supervisors and management receive this training prior to it being presented to frontline staff so that they are able to manage any incidents and/or reports, etc.  Prior to moving forward, the CCSA will help develop any policies, procedures, forms, supports/ resources required for staff


STAGE 4: Full Staff Training – this stage involves the large-scale rollout of the training for frontline staff.  Staff will be trained in all workshops/in-services as scheduling permits


STAGE 5: Support: the CCSA will be available to provide ongoing support for management and supervisors primarily in investigations and in the use of tracking tools that will be provided. Prior to completion, the CCSA will help to ensure your organization has post-implementation measures in place


To inquire about or register for the CCSA Full Support Workplace Violence and Aggression Prevention program, please fill out the form below.

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