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The CCSA wants to ensure its members are always up-to-date on what is happening in the continuing care and senior supportive living industries.

CCSA going paperless in 2020

Paper? It’s Passé at the CCSA

A paperless organization? It makes a lot of sense but it’s also a major transformation – one introduced in a series of well-thought out steps. 

At CCSA, we’ve made the big decision to become “paper-light” in 2020, which means we are taking steps to significantly reduce our paper burden.

We began our digital transformation in 2019 by introducing e-Certificates for the majority of our training programs, which were well-received.

For 2020, we will take these next steps:

Course completion e-Certificates will be issued for all CCSA training programs.
Electronic copies of CCSA training manuals will be provided to registered participants for most CCSA training programs. (NOTE: some exceptions apply).
CCSA invoices will be produced and distributed electronically.

There are so many benefits to reducing paper use.

As a non-profit, we want to direct our precious funds towards programs and services for members. Going paperless will decrease costs associated with purchasing office supplies, storing, printing, and mailing documents, as well maintaining associated equipment (i.e. photocopier, postage meter).  It will also save us time otherwise spent producing and disseminating hard copy documents. 

And it’s good news for our members, too. They’ll have faster access to any documents sent out from the CCSA (i.e. certificates). 

As for the environment, did you know that the paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world? This over-use of paper has a huge impact on a company’s carbon footprint – not just from the chopping down of trees to make the paper, but also on the fossil fuel power used for printing, and the chemicals involved, too.

There really is no downside to going paper-light and we encourage you to give it a try. We’ll keep you posted (electronically, of course!) as we continue our journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this impact you and your team?

Course completion e-certificates will be emailed to each registered participant to the email address provided when they registered for the training event.
An electronic copy of the appropriate CCSA training manual will be emailed to each registered participant a minimum of one-week prior to the training event.

Which CCSA training manuals will continue to be provided in hard copy?

Registered participants will continue to receive a hard copy of the following CCSA training program manuals:

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Basics for Auditors
Auditor Training
Musculoskeletal Injury Reduction Program: Train-the-Trainer

What if my staff do not have an email address?

The course completion e-Certificate will be electronically delivered to the email address provided by the ticket buyer.
The digital copy of the CCSA training program manual will be electronically delivered to the email address provided by the ticket buyer.

What if I want to provide my staff with a hard copy of the CCSA training program manual?

You can choose to print the training program manuals on your own.
You can request that CCSA print the training program manuals you require for your staff, for an additional fee.

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Join the CCSA’s Industry Advisory Committee

June 20, 2019

Are you interested in taking an active role in the future direction of safety in continuing care?

The CCSA is resurrecting the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) with renewed focus and objectives to ensure the needs of members of the continuing care industry are being met.  We are looking for interested individuals representing the diversity of the continuing care sector from large, medium and small organizations across Alberta operating in WCB Industry Codes 82800 and 82808 (Seniors’ Supportive Living and Long-Term Care).  

CCSA Objectives

It is important to ensure that the value provided by the CCSA is optimized to meet system objectives with a focus on reducing injuries and ensuring its activities are appropriately aligned to meet need. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that the CCSA through its programs and services:

- Is responsive to the needs of industry;
- Is relevant to the needs of industry;
- Evolves and innovates with changing needs within a dynamic environment;
- Delivers programs and services in an effective way to maximize return on investment and positive impact on industry;
- Contributes to the existence of an informed industry and public sector partners (government, WCB, educational institutions);
- Is positioned to provide government with informed policy development;
- Helps to foster an environment in which best practices and knowledge are transferred throughout the industry;
- Helps to foster a high level of awareness of the importance of continuous improvement and education and training programs; and,
- Enables a high level of system engagement in order to build health and safety capacity.

IAC Responsibilities

Within this context and general objectives of the CCSA, it is expected that the Industry Advisory Group will provide feedback and input on:

- Programs, projects and initiatives that support CCSA’s strategic objectives of preventing and reducing workplace injuries among Alberta’s continuing care workers
- Strategies to enhance the level of engagement and awareness within the system
- Policy and position papers provided to the Alberta Government
- Research opportunities, trends and directions within the continuing care system
- Opportunities for collaboration and partnership

IAC Membership

The Industry Advisory Committee will be comprised of a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve persons.
We are looking for members who possess:

- Knowledge, skills and abilities with respect to the focus and needs of the IAC
- Demonstrated passion and commitment to workplace health and safety across the continuing care sector
- Expertise in injury prevention, safe work practices and return-to-work initiatives
- Knowledge of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program
- Background in curricula development and training is an asset

Subject Matter Experts may be brought into the Industry Advisory Committee on an as-needed basis to address specific project needs

IAC Meetings

For 2019, the Industry Advisory Committee once established will meet at least twice; then in 2020 and going forward the committee will meet at least once per quarter.
Meetings will be held primarily via Skype or Conference Call.


Interested individuals can apply to become a member by completing this online form.

Please note that Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2019
Thank you for your interest!