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One Resident’s Contributions to OHS at Mount Royal Care Centre

One Resident’s Contributions to OHS

CCSA Team members: James Davis, Joanne LeismanMeet Larry!

How would you like an experienced safety expert always on site, familiar with your building and resident needs and who only asks to provide meaningful input? Meet Larry, resident of Revera Mount Royal Care Centre in Calgary who does just that and is happy to be of service!

Larry has a rich history in Occupational Health and Safety and is a valued member of the Mount Royal community.  When Larry first moved in, staff noticed right away what a resource he was when he began identifying building permits and pointing out safety improvements that could be made.    

When asked, folks who know Larry describe him as “a kind-hearted man, always ready with a smile and a tune in his heart.” Larry participates in safety walks around the building often humming a tune.  During these safety walks with members of the OHS team, Larry jots down his findings and ideas in his trusty notebook.  He attends health and safety committee meetings where he has the opportunity to share his findings and provide a resident perspective on the day to day safety issues on site.

Larry’s involvement in safety at his residence hasn’t all just been about permits and identifying physical hazards; he is very passionate about helping any of his peers who may appear to need additional help. The fact that Larry is in such close contact with the other residents allows him to see if someone is struggling, showing signs of discomfort, and he is able to relay to workers how events might be affecting some of the residents he lives with. According to Claire Hildebrandt, Executive Director of the care home, Larry’s input has “lead to increased participation in ‘responsive behavior huddles’ [of which Larry has no part] … and new care plan ideas for residents, thereby decreasing the [negative] behaviors and increasing safety.”

Because of the success of involving Larry in OHS activities at Mount Royal Care Centre, they are now looking at other ways to incorporate a resident voice in more of their communities. Larry has paved the way! We at the CCSA wish them, and Larry, the best of luck and hope they continue to find resourceful ways to improve safety and include residents!

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Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment

March 27, 2019

Employees who work for psychologically safe leaders are more likely to report higher job satisfaction and better psychological well-being. Use this Dr. Joti Samra and Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health free online resource to assess and address the psychologically safe leadership strategies in your organization: https://www.psychologicallysafeleader.com/?fbclid=IwAR3xpo8OxaAx5Nc1y7wYdGTdRqA6s6mEuwMp54BwOxuvGQ3wMJLb1Da4tY4

AB Gov: Ask an Expert!

New resource added to CCSA Resources page:

AB Gov: Ask an Expert! This page has a form where you can get answers to your workplace health and safety questions.

HQCA: Family Panel Webinar

March 13, 2019
Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA)

On Thursday, March 28 HQCA will host a discussion among a panel of family members from the long-term care facilities profiled in their Quality Exchange long-term care series. This discussion will be facilitated by two of the HQCA's Patient and Family Advisory Committee members. This event is for family members, by family members. And providers can learn lots too! Please see the invitation for details.