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Avoid these three traps and become a more decisive leader

June 3, 2014
Quartz - Julia Tang Peters

I recently oversaw a study designed to clarify the relationship between pivotal decisions and leadership. Based on our nationwide survey of 500 college-educated adults in professional careers, representative of 16% of adults in the United States, we uncovered four distinct decision-making styles, all defined by the level of accountability and ingenuity employed.

A leader continually works on improving how things are done in large and small ways, seeking different perspectives, and bringing people along a purposeful mission.A manager focuses on the job at hand without greater vision or ingenuity.A wanderer offers exciting ideas but can't make things happen.A clock puncher stays in a comfort zone and resists change.

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Embedding a safety culture key for companies: experts

May 16, 2014
Daily Commercial News - Andre Widjaja

Embedding a company culture that focuses on workplace health and safety is key to keeping employees safe and engaged, according to some of the country's "safest employers".

"You need to integrate them as part of your day to day operational needs and understand how that impacts the business," said Suman Bhasker, National Manager, Occupational Health, Safety and Security, Morgaurd Investments Limited, during a seminar at the recent Partners in Prevention conference in Toronto.

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CKF Inc. Takes Home 3rd Mainstay Award - This Time for Safety Execellence

May 12, 2014
Work Safe. For Life

In 2009, CKF Inc. made their first walk across the Mainstay stage, winning the award for Safety Transformation. This was a significant moment for the team from the Hantsport molded fibre plant and their 270 full-time employees. Just two years earlier, CKF was facing its second surcharge warning from the WCB. This mattered to the leadership team at CKF, and they worked hard to create significant change within their organization.

This work paid off, as the organization returned to the awards the following year, taking home the Employer Safety Champion Award.

This year, CKF Inc. has been named the winner of the Safety Award of Excellence Awardfor an organization. Since 2009, CKF Inc. has not had a time-lost claim. Their claim costs, which in 2007 were in excess of $232,000, have now dropped down to $13,877.21. These savings have meant that the company could invest in CKF's competitiveness in the global market. It's meant a more stable workplace, which in turn allowed for more stable jobs. It's meant an increased investment in new equipment and additional employees. It's meant an ability to innovate and put out new products. Most importantly, it's meant an increase in employee morale. 

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Excellence in safety leads to excellence in business 2014 Safe Employer Award winner

May 7, 2014
The Regina Leader-Post

Creating a positive safety culture in an organization takes work. It requires having senior leaders who behave as role models, inspire others, communicate their vision clearly, seek creativity and innovation and empower workers to take measures to make the workplace safe.

Cenovus Energy Inc. in Weyburn exemplifies how to foster a positive safety culture in their organization daily. For this reason, they were finalists for the 2013 WorkSafe Saskatchewan Safe Employer award and received the 2014 Safe Employer Award.

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