CCSA Health and Safety Program Review

The CCSA is committed to helping organizations meet legislation and improve health and safety for all workers.  The CCSA Health and Safety Program review is meant to help you identify areas for improvement in your organization’s overall health and safety program and discover any gaps that may exist that could hinder compliance with OHS legislation; both existing and new legislation.

Note: This review is meant to help you improve your workplace health and safety system and determine gaps and opportunities to better meet OHS legislation; it does not address the entirety of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Code.

What's it all about?

The Health and Safety Program Review is not an Audit; there is not a pass/fail or grade that needs to be achieved for the review. However, the findings will be provided to you in a final report. The report will identify:

  • Critical health and safety program areas that are not compliant with legislation

  • Opportunities to improve the health and safety program based on industry best-practice and/or government standards/COR elements

  • Health and safety program activities, policies or procedures where the organization/community is in compliance with legislation and/or meets industry best- practice.

How does it work?

The Health and Safety Program review includes three important steps:

  1. Online self-assessment and action plan, completed by the organization (timeframe:  approximately 15 minutes to complete the online self-assessment)

  2. On-site Health and Safety Program Review, completed in collaboration with CCSA Consultants and the organization (timeframe: approximately 2 days on-site)

  3. Final report meeting, completed with CCSA Consultants and organization leadership team within approximately 2 weeks of the on-site review. This meeting may be held in-person, over the telephone or via video conferencing depending on location and CCSA Consultant availability

What does it cost?

The cost for the Health and Safety Program Review is dependent on whether overnight travel is required and whether the organization is a CCSA member or non-member.

What are others saying?

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