2024 CCSA Health & Safety Star Award

CCSA Health & Safety Star Award 2024

About CCSA

CCSA supports frontline workers in their tireless dedication to providing compassionate care. We empower them with practical knowledge, accessible resources, and a supportive community that recognizes their invaluable contributions. By prioritizing their growth, well-being, and skill enhancement, CCSA ensures that frontline workers deliver exceptional care while nurturing their professional development and fostering a culture of compassion and dignity. 

Health and Safety Star Award – CCSA’s Initiative to Recognize Healthcare Heroes within Members Organizations

We aim to recognize the most innovative, proactive, and knowledgeable individuals as “Health and Safety Stars” from your organization and offer them a chance to win a two-day, all-expenses-paid trip to the “Hearts and Hands Conference” in Langley, B.C. on October 2nd, 2024. 

Since 2023, CCSA has been a proud event partner of the “Heart and Hands” Conference, hosted annually by SafeCare B.C. This partnership has allowed us to sponsor FOUR Health & Safety Star Winners to attend the conference last year. This year, we are thrilled to announce that we will sponsor the trip for THREE Health & Safety Star Winners. 

Nominate a healthcare aide, nursing attendant, community home support or personal care worker within your organization who: 

  • Actively participates in and advocates for Health and Safety within the organization, offering practical solutions. 
  • Collaborates with leaders to drive positive changes in the safety culture and motivates others to prioritize safety. 

This is an excellent opportunity for leadership team (directors, managers, supervisors, team leads) to demonstrate your appreciation for healthcare aides, Nursing attendants, and Personal care workers, acknowledging their contributions to maintaining an outstanding Health and Safety culture. Our healthcare heroes diligently serve us daily, working in various settings like homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and assisted living residences. They are the often-unrecognized heroes of our healthcare system. Now is the perfect time to show your support. 

Hearts & Hands Conference – Celebrating Healthcare Assistants

The “Hearts and Hands” Conference is the premier annual conference organized by SafeCare BC for healthcare assistantswith the goal to CELEBRATE, EDUCATE, AND INSPIRE. Between the two conferences (Langley – Oct.2, 2024, Nanaimo – Oct.4, 2024)it is expected to welcome around 500 attendees, participating in extended digital experience, which will launch following the in-person conferences. 

  • All CCSA Members (WCB industry codes 82800 & 82808) 
  • Return flight tickets Edmonton, Calgary or Grande Prairie – Abbotsford
  • Airport <-> hotel transfers 
  • 2-night stay in Langley 
  • Meals (some restrictions apply) 
  • Hearts and Hands Conference Ticket Pass 
Hear what our FOUR “2023 Health & Safety Star” winners, say about the “2023 Hearts & Hands” Conference they attended in Kelowna, BC:

” The Hearts and Hands conference truly is inspirational. We’ve dived into a series of talks and sessions that catered into our most pressing needs. It’s not just about mind-blowing talks, it’s also about finding solace and experiencing the power of touching other people’s lives. Thank you for sending me to this conference.”
Catherine Rivera, HCA, Bethany Group

I want to thank you for the 2 great days. I have learned lots, my most favourite is how to shift thought process from past to present just by asking questions differently or thinking how you would handle it differently. Mark Black was an amazing keynote speaker. Can’t wait to read his book!
Rosemary Church, HCA, Taber and District Housing Foundation, AB

From the bottom of my heart, thank you once again. This is my first time to win a free trip, attend conference outside the province and had the opportunity to represent our organization.  I had the chance to meet and greet Brenda Robinson, Emcee of the event, and I should say she was the life of the event and our keynote speaker Mark Black, his words are impeccable, I laugh and cry with his testimony.
Janine Galamay, HCA, The Brenda Strafford Foundation

I want to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the heart and hands conference in Kelowna. I definitely took away a few good ideas that I will definitely be using at my work. The breakout session on dementia was very good. That was the session I was looking forward to the most. I work on the dementia floor, so the things that I learned I have already been using and sharing this last week at work.
Melissa Poggemiller, HCA, Pioneer Lodge & House

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Nominate "Health & Safety Stars" from your organization and we will sponsor their trip to the "Hearts & Hands" Conference in Langley, B.C., October 2, 2024

Hello! Do you know a Health Care Aide/ Nursing Attendant/ Personal Care Worker within your organization who actively participates and promotes a Health and Safety culture, collaborates with Leaders to change the safety culture positively and inspires others to work safely?

Shine a spotlight on the extraordinary colleagues you know by nominating them for a CCSA “Health & Safety Star” Award, and give them a chance to win a 2-day all-expenses paid trip to the “Hearts and Hands” Conference in Langley, B.C., October 2, 2024. 

(p.s. There is no limit on nominees from the same facility/organization.)