Maintaining your Certificate of Recognition

Maintaining your Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Members who participate in the Certificate of Recognition Program are eligible for a 5% industry rate every year that COR is maintained.  Employers who continually participate in COR find this proactive voluntary program results in a reduction in injury rates and make a strong statement on valuing workers and their safety on the job.

How to Maintain COR

Once your organization has obtained a Certificate of Recognition (COR), the certificate is valid for 3 years.  During the two years following COR Certification, internal COR Maintenance Audits must be conducted.  At least 3 months in advance of the audit, start to prepare by registering your audit with CCSA. Once your audit is received, CCSA COR Team will provide the selected tool for your use.

2021 COR Audit Process

Documentation only audits and documentation/Interview only audits are the two (2) audits that will be accepted for COR Certification or Recertification purposes.  For Maintenance COR Audits; ONLY documentation only is required.  This will be in effect until December 31, 2021.  Click HERE for more details. 

All audits need to be registered prior to starting. 

Maintenance Action Plans in lieu of Maintenance Audits

Performing an Maintenance Action Plan in lieu of a Maintenance Audit is an option for some organizations.  Maintenance Action Plans allow employers to focus on recommendations from the last certification audit while maintaining COR and continuing to enhance workplace safety.  

NOTE: This is not the action plan that is created by the employer after the annual audit process.  

For an organization to be eligible to use an action plan in lieu of maintenance audits, the following criteria must be met:

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