Alberta Labour and Immigration Update – January 2020

Streamlined Rules for Workplace Committees

As previously released, on December 13, 2019 Alberta Labour and Immigration announced requirements and training were streamlined for workplace health and safety committees and worker representatives.

Quick facts:

  • Employers with 20 or more workers are required to have a committee.
  • Employers with five to 19 workers are required to have a worker health and safety representative.
  • Work sites with multiple employers where work lasts 90 days or more are required to have a site-specific committee or representative, depending on the number of workers.
  • Employers have until Jan. 31, 2020 to comply with the changes.
  • New training requirements take effect immediately.
    • Part 1 (Pt 1) training is no longer mandatory.
  • Where a collective agreement exists, those parties will not be subject to the new rules until the agreement expires.
  • Government may designate additional committees or representatives where needed.

The following resources have been released to assist employers understand the changes:

  • Health and safety committees and representatives –¬†Click Here
  • Mandatory health and safety committee and representative training –¬†Click Here

Workplace injuries on Ice, Sleet and Snow Infographic

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