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The outbreak of the Coronavirus has been described as the ‘worst public health crisis for a generation’. In light of these extreme and uncertain times, CCSA is sharing good news stories from our members that demonstrate the power of caring, kindness and compassion. 

Social distancing at its best

In this new COVID world, we have adopted a new vocabulary. One of the terms we now hear on a daily basis is social distancing.

When the announcement came that families of residents were allowed to have outdoor visits, the staff at CapitalCare Dickinsfield were very excited, but they also wondered how they would encourage people to meet the six foot/two metre requirement.

Placing an ‘X’ on the ground felt like the best solution but, while driving to work, Recreation Therapist Jan Hrasko thought it seemed a little cold. That’s when she thought, ‘Why not hearts?’

Prior to the pandemic, CapitalCare had rolled out the “Hearts for Healthcare” initiative, so it occurred to Jan that a heart could be the ideal marker. The Dickinsfield team then decided to take it one step further by labelling each heart with positive qualities and personal attributes – and by involving residents.

With the help of residents, they came up with a list of qualities that had seen them through the tough times of the current pandemic. It included patience, strength, family, gratitude, teamwork, hope, laughter, faith, community, kindness, optimism and love.

Armed with cans of spray paint, the members of the Recreation Department “tagged” the site with positive graffiti. The hope is that down the road, when COVID is a distant memory, Dickinsfield will have a lasting reminder of their community’s adaptability and resilience.

2 thoughts on “CapitalCare Dickinsfield Good News Story”

  1. sainsbury sainsbury

    Great job recreation well done this makes a lot of difference in the lives of people living in continuing care.

  2. What a great team. You are the best. Thanks for the love, commitment and dedication that you bring to work each day. I know the residents love each and everyone of you.

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