GEF Seniors Housing Good News Story

Good News Story from GEF Seniors Housing 
Each month, we feature a good news story from one of our members. 

Eight months ago, when the COVID pandemic first hit Alberta, no one fully understood the social isolation we would be facing. It quickly became evident that human connection – such an important part of living a happy, healthy life – was missing, especially for seniors. GEF Seniors Housing recognized the challenge and found creative ways to connect.

Since seniors couldn’t go out into the community, GEF Seniors Housing brought the community to the seniors. Local food truck business came out, bringing with them yummy treats like ice cream. In some cases, they took orders and even delivered the treats right to residents.

GEF Seniors Housing staff didn’t stop there. Social distancing meant limited visits by family and friends; celebrations such as milestone birthdays could not happen. GEF Senior Housing employees put their creative minds together and came up with the ‘Birthday Brigade’ – a celebration in the hallways, complete with balloons and signing.

Then there was bingo. Seniors love a good game of bingo but how do you hold socially-distanced bingo with limited space? Hallway bingo? Yes! It’s become the hot new event on each floor.  

Staff also needed engagement and connection. CEO Raymond Swonek introduced a Monday morning message that provided encouragement and thanked the staff for their continued hard work. He told them just how much they were valued.

With a little creativity and genuine care for each other, GEF Senior Housing has helped their community stay engaged and happy during challenging times

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