Video Series: Worker’s Health and Safety Essentials



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CCSA's FREE Video Series: Worker's Health and Safety Essentials

In this 9 part video series, targeted to front line staff, the CCSA team will take workers through the key health and safety essentials needed in order to keep workers and others around, safe at work. We explore the general health and safety tasks, and walk through these topics:

  • Recognizing Hazards
  • Reporting Hazards
  • The 3 Rights of Workers*
  • The Internal Responsibility System (IRS)*
  • Site Specific Hazard Assessments
  • Work Site Inspections 
  • Incident Investigations 
  • Emergency Responses 

*Updated to include OHS legislative changes effective December 1, 2021

This webinar series is to compliment the health and safety training received at the work place.  By the end of this series, workers will have a good sense of what must be done and how to take this information and everything else learned at work and apply it!


If you have logged in and still don’t have access to the videos you will most likely need to clear the cache on your web browser.  Here is a link with instructions on how to do this:

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