CCSA Update – 2019 PIR Changes

In 2017 Partnerships undertook a full evaluation of the Certification of Recognition Program, and the Partnerships and Audit Standards.

In December 2017 the passing of Bill 30 also meant that some significant changes would need to be made to the Standard and Audit instruments to ensure alignment with the requirements of Bill 30.

The expected target timeframe for release of the changes to the audit instrument and standards to CPs is September.

All Certifying Partners are required to ensure their Audit Quality Assurance Processes and Audit Instrument are in compliance with the updated Partnerships Standards and Partnerships Audit Standards, by January 1, 2019.

What does this mean for the CCSA?

  • The CCSA is currently reviewing our end to end audit processes to ensure our auditor training programs are aligned to Partnerships Audit Standards and Audit Quality Assurance processes, this work is expected to be completed by July 1, 2018.
  • We are currently reviewing our Audit Quality Assurance process with a fresh perspective to ensure our processes are aligned to Partnerships Standards and are relevant for our system, this work is expected to be complete by September 1st
  • We are reviewing options to significantly modify or replace CCSA’s Audit Instrument, this work is expected to be complete by September 1st
  • We are revising the Auditor Update format and developing a plan to ensure current auditors are provided the information they need to comply by Jan 1, 2019, this work is expected to be completed by September 1st
  • We are revising the curriculum for the auditor training programs, this work is expected to be completed by October 1st
  • We are planning this year’s Auditor Update/Training/Information sessions, these sessions are expected to be held in October/November

What does this mean for EMPLOYERS?

  • The updated Partnerships Audit Standards will include many new requirements along with new, mandatory, elements, which all COR holders will be required to implement. the CCSA will provide regular communications throughout July, August and September as work is completed

What does this mean for CCSA CERTIFIED AUDITORS?

  • There will be a new CCSA Audit Instrument. All auditors will be required to use the new CCSA Audit Instrument as of January 1, 2019. There will be no exceptions for using prior versions or alternate instruments.
  • There will be mandatory training in October/November

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