May 1-7 is CMHA Mental Health Week

Get Involved

The Canadian Mental Health Association’s annual Mental Health Week looks to shift attitudes and perceptions about mental health. The 2023 theme is MY STORY. 

  • Each May, people across Canada rally around CMHA’s Mental Health Week. 
  • Inaugurated by CMHA in 1951, May 1-7, 2023 marks the 72nd annual Mental Health Week in Canada. 
  • Mental Health Week is a social change campaign to educate the public and shift beliefs and perceptions about mental health. It helps promote behaviours and attitudes that foster well-being, support good mental health and create a culture of understanding and acceptance. 
  • Mental Health Week 2023 and MY STORY will shine a spotlight on community mental health care programs, communities and voices while showcasing the importance 

We can harness the power of storytelling to help build connections and understanding between each other while strengthening our communities. 

    • Get involved:  Listen and support those who share their story with you, there is vulnerability, strength and benefits in these interactions; 
    • Share your story with someone close to you, this helps destigmatize the mental health conversation; 
    • Learn about different types of mental health supports and how they can be used to support you or someone in your community; 
    • Understand (the differences between) mental health and mental illness; 
    • Share a message of thanks for a community program or person who has helped you in your mental health journey.

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